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MMA and Ruthless Fight Company

The vast majority of professional MMA fighters have a background in Thai or kick boxing, Brazilian jiujitsu or Greco-Roman wrestling. These styles have proven to be effective. Certainly in the beginning of MMA it turned out that the grappler (wrestler / ground fighter) often beat the striker, or the standing fighter. Karatekas, boxers and kick-boxers who make the switch to MMA are therefore not always successful because in MMA, besides the standing fight, ground combat and clinch are important. The fist fight, however, is an extremely important part of the MMA,

especially now that every fighter is familiar with the ground fight. Nowadays, sport is increasingly about the athleticism of the individual instead of the individual who practices the martial arts. Many martial artists often choose a second or later a third martial arts to increase their skills. 

At Ruthless Fight Company we offer a total package of these martial arts. Depending on your ambition, we can train you for the top or just for recreational purposes.

Come and participate, without obligation, in one of our trainings to experience it yourself

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