MMA for our youngest fighters

Children and energy! Let them enjoy the kids MMA workouts. Together with our experienced trainers we combine technology, fun and the right portion of energy! Every day during the week and every Saturday morning we teach children the various aspacts of the Mixed Martial Arts. In a safe way, we build on their self-confidence by means of teaching them the techniques. The safety during combat is a priority for our experienced trainers. Hereby we apply a number of basic rules. 

MMA, BJJ, Grappling and Striking are offered during our weekly programme. Finally, each lesson ends with a cooling-down in the form of an inteactive game, where you see true and fun friendships start growing between the kids. Last but not least to mention, children with ambition and talent, are offered to voluntarely take part in a number of  BJJ tournaments during the year.

Come and participate, without obligation, in one of our trainings to experience it yourself

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Monday to Friday