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MMA gym for people with ambition

For many years, Ruthless Fightcompany has been the MMA gym in Rotterdam. All our trainers and coaches have a competitive background and many years of experience as a trainer. The lessons aim to bring our students to competition level on both physical and mental level. 

But even if competitions are not your ambition and you want to train recreational, you are at the right address with us. Hard work, discipline and respect are our top priorities. For the best MMA, BJJ, striking and grappling training in Rotterdam you have to go to Ruthless Fight Company.

Why training at Ruthless Fight Company

- Personal and professional guidance
- 20 years of experience in coaching fighters
- Wide range of Mixed Martial Arts combat sports
- Open six days a week
- Both morning and evening lessons

- Lots of competition guidance
- International connections
- International experience in the treatment of injuries around the ring of professional fights
- Lessons in both Dutch and English


16. BJJ exercises to gain flexibility

16. Strength exercises (Lesson 3)